Shipchandler's Activities

Polish Ocean Lines Inc. POL-Supply Shipchandler: 50 years of tradition and experience in supplying vessels.

Our shipchandling activity began in the 60’s with a creation of Supply Department in Gdynia with a branch in Szczecin. It made supplies including spare parts, equipment and devices, technical materials and life-saving appliances to PLO vessels.
As a result of the restructuration of PLO, the Supply Department became POL-Supply company and its activity started to include the supply of food and hotel equipment to vessels.
In December 2002 the shipchandling activity was once again included in the organisational structure of Polish Ocean Lines as POL-Supply Shipchandler Service Division.
Our experience is based on the cooperation with regular customers such as commercial vessels, passenger and car ferries, passenger vessels, sail training ships, naval ships and drilling platform on the Baltic Sea. Currently PLO INC. POL-Supply Shipchandler provides integrated shipchandling services including the supply of:

  • Food
  • Hotel equipment (galley, cabins and bathrooms)
  • Cleaning products – household chemicals
  • Technical chemicals – oils, lubricants
  • Office products
  • Spare parts
  • Manual and power tools
  • Technical materials

We offer services on the basis of ISSA rules.

We have HACCP (ISO 22000:2005) certificate.
We provide services 24/7.

POL-Supply Shipchandler invites to use its services:

Gdynia Office
al. Marszalka Piłsudskiego 1
81-406 Gdynia
phone: +48 58 620 80 20   mobile +48 607 777 002   fax: +48 58 627 86 74
Szczecin Branch
ul.. Energetyków 3/4
70-952 Szczecin
phone: +48 91 814 32 58   mobile: +48 504 07 35 05