About us

POLISH OCEAN LINES INC. is a shipping company with over 50 years of experience in liner business. Currently, the company’s activities are concentrated on maritime transport services.

Maritime transport
Following many changes on the freight market, considerable modifications of general cargo transport technology (a trend towards container transport), ro-ro vessels (POL STELLA and POL MARIS) are operated on the charter market. They operate between ports of Southern Europe in Italy, France and Spain as well as Algerian, Tunisian and Libian ports.

Commercial Management
A well-developed network of agents and cooperation with the best brokers enables us to offer to ship operators commercial management (Bare Boat, Time Charter or single commercial voyages).

Technical Management
Thanks to the extensive practical experience of our technical superintendents and captains, gained both at sea and classification offices, we offer full technical management of vessels.

Our extensive experience in organising provisions for vessels allows PLO to have a special division POL-Supply Shipchandler, providing food, technical and hotel supplies and more. Our customers are key ship operators entering Polish ports in Gdynia, Gdańsk and Szczecin, thanks to which POL-Supply Shipchandler is an important player in this service segment and its share in the market is ca. 25%.